A couple years ago some people suggested a Tatting Pattern a Day Calendar and I started a blog to do just that.  However, there were a few problems:

  • The blogspot site would not upload PDF files so everything had to be done in just html  ( not easy to print or view )
  • While several people contributed posts, I was the only one doing the actual posting and I was scheduled to travel & teach all over the country.
  • There were formatting issues with blogspot that made it difficult to efficiently index the posts.
  • While the search blog feature works, of a fashion, a lot of people did not understand how to use it.

A lot of advances have been made since the first site:  http://tat-calendar.blogspot.com While the old patterns are still there, Jan – March, this site should be much easier to use.  I believe that I can even post videos on here as well as PDF files.

Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required to view the PDF files – http://adobe.com

Because this site allows PDF files and other media it will be a fun one to work with.  However, there is a limit on the amount of storage available for free, and once that limit is reached I will have to either remover older content or pay for more storage.

To cast your vote for more storage you may donate any amount to the cost by sending a donation to my paypal account which is the same as my email address. 

Ruth Perry
Email me if you have questions – My email address is rjpoms ( put in the @ symbol here ) yahoo.com


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